The Lourdes girls tennis team has advanced to the state tournament again.  They will be making their 21st straight appearance at the tournament! Lourdes beat Winona Cotter 7-0 and Cannon Falls 7-0.

The Tournament will begin October 25.

The individual sectionals start Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. at the Rochester Athletic Club.

Molly Belda and Anna Clayton will compete in the singles.

Clare Palen and Natalie Allison will compete in the doubles, as well as Sydney Allison and Ellen Gorman.

1A Team Semi-finals

Lourdes 7, Winona-Cotter 0

#1 Singles- Clare Palen(L) def. Kylie Modjeski(WC) 6-0,6-0

#2 Singles- Natalie Allison(L) def. Sammy Knight(WC) 6-0,6-0

#3 Singles- Molly Belda(L) def. Choco Li(WC) 6-0,6-0

#4 Singles- Catherine Patel(L) def. Laura Koo (WC) 6-0,6-0

#1 Doubles- Sydney Allison- Ellen Gorman(L) def. Erin Getzin- McCarthy Leaf(WC) 6-0,6-0

#2 Doubles- Anna Clayton-Stephanie Pedersen(L) def. Elizabeth Duellman-Hannah Graff(WC) 6-1,6-0

#3 Doubles- Kelly Kowal- Sydney Elliott(L) def. Erica Kang- Eileen Shin(WC) 6-0,6-0


Lourdes 7, Cannon Falls 0

#1 Singles: Clare Palen(L) def. Mia Holscher(CF) 6-0,6-0

#2 Singles: Natalie Allison(L) def. Kayla Melhouse(CF) 6-0,6-0

#3 Singles: Molly Belda(L) def. Avrey Dicke(CF) 6-0, 6-1

#4 Singles: Jane Spading(L) def. Brook Kimmes(CF) 6-2,4-6,10-8

#1 Doubles: Sydney Allison- Ellen Gorman(L) def. Delanie Otto-Molly Rolfes(CF) 6-1,6-2

#2 Doubles: Anna Clayton- Stephanie Pedersen(L) def. Taylor Jackson-Bethany Nelson(CF) 6-0,6-2

#3 Doubles: Kelly Kowal- Sydney Elliott(L) def. Paige Miest- Iris French(CF) 6-4,6-3