Kudos to Harry Reid, Retiring Democrat Senate Minority Leader

Kudos to the now Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, the scrapper and former pugilist from Searchlight, Nevada. The maximal obstructionist managed parliamentary rules as Majority Leader to block hundreds Republican proposals and amendments. Yet the media and the Democrats called the GOP the “obstructionists” with no ideas.

Harry did this to save President Obama from looking bad from signing vetoes. When the Republicans took over the House in 2010, and placed John Boehner in charge, the GOP was incapable of thwarting Reid, as was then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In 2012 the Republicans won the Senate, making McConnell the Senate Majority Leader, and kept the House with Boehner. Still..the inept and inarticulate GOP leaders could not outfox Reid, who still prevailed.

Now Reid is going to retire because of age, fatigue, and injuries incurred while exercising. He is still prevailing. Senator Chuck Schumer, a more personable, but equally effective Democrat ideological attack dog might replace Reid.

When will the GOP solons be smart enough and effective enough to elect leaders who can speak, argue, defend, and win?

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