Dr. Ben Carson, the distinguished African-American Republican presidential candidate, believes “political correctness” is a threat to free speech, thought, and common sense. He defied “PC” in his recent statement about not supporting any Muslim political candidate who endorses Sharia Law or other elements of Islamic extremism.

Carson’s hypocritical critics say the Constitution prohibits a “religious test for office.” That means the government cannot craft religiously discriminating election laws. Voters have every right to choose candidates based on their own values. Liberals would not likely support a religious based pro-life court judge, or a Fundamentalist Christian.

Christianity is being challenged by the Obama administration’s policy encroachments across that “Wall of Separation” that threaten religious freedom and speech. “Progressives” attack religion in schools and in the market place of ideas.

Liberals claim the Constitution is a “growing” and “evolving” document whose dated premises do not meet the needs of changing times. That may be true for the “no religious test for office” premise in this age of Islamic extremism, and the forced migration and butchering of Christians and dissenting Muslims in the Middle East by ISIL.

Where is the public outrage about the real cause of the recent migrations? How many jihadists are merging with the refugees?

Carson’s opinion is courageous and correct. Political correctness and Islamic extremism threaten the survival of Western democracy.

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