St Paul (KROC AM News) -  Governor Dayton has signed the $650-million tax bill that was passed by the legislature during last week’s special session.

Dayton waited until late Tuesday to sign the bill, as he awaited an opinion from the Minnesota Attorney General.

Dayton had earlier indicated he would allow the bill to become law without his signature. That raised legal questions as to whether a lack of his signature would actually lead to what is referred to as a “pocket veto.”

Dayton had until midnight to sign the bill.

Dayton Press Secretary Sam Fettig said in a late Tuesday night press release an email from the Attorney General " created uncertainty about the proper course of action.”  Because of that, Fettig said “ To remove any doubt, we were advised that the Governor sign the Tax Bill before midnight this evening.” Fettig went on to say this  “does not affect the concerns he expressed in his letter to Legislative Leaders earlier today or at his news conference.”

To see the Governor’s updated letter on the Tax Bill, CLICK HERE. To see the Governor’s original letter on the Tax Bill, CLICK HERE.

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