Byron, MN (KROC-AM News)  An area woman was hit by a marblet while driving near Oxbow Park Monday and it may have been fired from another vehicle.

Olmsted County Sheriff Department Captain Scott Behrns says the 25 year old Dodge Center woman was driving on County Road 5 around 1:30 Monday afternoon when she was struck in the left cheek. A car going the opposite direction drove past about the same time.

The woman was left somewhat dazed - and also faced a medical situation because she was on blood thinners and the injury caused heavy bleeding.  It was later determined the object that hit her was a marble that had to be surgically removed from her cheek.

Behrns says it’s also likely it came from the other vehicle, possibly fired by a wrist rocket.

The woman described the other car as a newer model black sedan.

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