STEARNS COUNTY - Stearns County authorities are looking for answers after finding a dog that was shot multiple times.

(Stearns County Sheriff's Office)

The Stearns County Sheriff's Office says they were called Monday just before 9:00 a.m. by a resident who lives one mile north of Avon. The caller told authorities he found a male yellow Labrador that was hurt and lying under a tree.

A deputy brought the dog to a veterinarian. It was found the dog was shot four times in the face and twice in the hind quarters. The veterinarian believes the shots were from a pellet gun. Several shots penetrated the dogs muzzle and broke its jaw.

The dog was treated and is being housed by Stearns County. Sheriff's investigators are looking to find the owner of the dog and identify the person(s) responsible for the injuries.

Any information can be reported by calling dispatch at 320-251-4240.

Photo of the dogs injuries. (Stearns County Sheriff's Office)