A Cure For Lyme Disease? The C.P. On RGM [VIDEO]
Sherwood Peterson Jr., the Corner Pharmacist was on the radio this morning with Rich Peterson on Rochester's Good Morning.
A recent study out of Stanford had some promising results regarding the use of Claritin in curing Lyme disease. Researchers found the drug was effective at killing a bacteri…
What Is The Minimum Wage Tip Penalty?
State Representative Tina Leibling talked with Rich Peterson and Kim David this morning on Rochester's Good Morning.
She was in St. Paul and on her way to a hearing regarding the "minimum wage tip penalty", she explains what it is and what it might mean...
The Sports Expert On Gopher Women’s B-Ball
The S.E. was up late Thursday and for good reason.  He was watching the University of Minnesota women play in the Big Ten Tournament against Purdue.  He thought it was a much funner game to watch then the Gopher men's loss to the Badgers...and not just because the women won.
Paul Widman Talks About IBM Land On RGM [VIDEO]
That was the question we wondered about when Rochester Park and Rec Director Paul Widman visited with Rich Peterson and Kim David on Rochester's Good Morning. He discussed the latest on the offer of park land by IBM and the coming golf season.

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