Minn. Rep Kim Norton On RGM
High speed rail was one of the topics this morning as Rich Peterson and Kim David visited with State Representative Kim Norton of Rochester.
While in agreement with much of Representative Draskowski's bill regarding public funding of Zip Rail, she does not go along with the part about eminent do…
Tax Guy, Bill Wiktor Takes Calls On RGM
Bill Wiktor volunteers his services through AARP and the United Way of Olmsted County offering free income tax help to qualified residents.  He joins Rich Peterson every other Thursday during the tax season fielding questions from listeners and giving tips to make your tax filing easier.
The Sports Expert On Dozier’s Deal
The Sports Expert, George Rownd, finds it interesting the Twins didn't' sign Twins second baseman Brian Dozier to an even longer deal than the four year pact agreed to on Tuesday.  He feels Dozier is one of the top five second basemen in baseball.

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