St. Paul, MN (Learfield Wire Services) -- Charges are pending against a St. Paul man who allegedly held another man captive for four days in his basement and sexually assaulted him repeatedly.

Police were called to a home on Marion Street around 8 p-m Tuesday on reports of a kidnapping. When they arrived officers were met by two good samaritans who told them they answered a knock on the door and found a man who had one hand and both ankles in handcuffs. The handcuffs on the hand and ankles were attached with a chain.

The alleged victim told them a man in a nearby home had put the handcuffs on him November 20th, chained him to a wall and repeatedly sexually assaulted him over a four day period.

On November 24th, the man told them he had managed to slip one hand out of the handcuffs, free himself from the wall and escape while his captor left the home for a short time. Police say the man had injuries consistent with being restrained. He was taken to Regions Hospital for treatment.

Officers arrested his alleged abductor at a home down the block on charges of kidnapping and rape.

(Learfield Wire Services)