Memorial Day weekend weather is always iffy around here.  We still have a chance of a thunderstorm, but hey that's normal isn't it?


More often than not it's rainy and cool.  The average high around Minnesota is around 70. We're there. Chance of rain? Slight.

Other than knowing where the detours are, travel should be good. Gas prices? About 7 cents/gal higher than last year according to Gail Weinholzer with AAA Minnesota.

The other good news(?) is there will be plenty of law enforcement around patrolling the roads, so unless you're drinking, texting or not buckling up, you should be good.  FYI, if you're caught not using your seat belt it'll cost you about 140 bucks!

photo from Fort Snelling










Enjoy the weekend, take a moment to remember and honor a fallen Vet and enjoy the summer it's finally here!!