St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM NEWS) - The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued an air pollution health advisory for most of the southern two thirds of the state. The advisory, which includes the Rochester area, will be in effect from 10 AM through 9 PM Friday.

The advisory says temperatures in the 90s, sunny skies, and light winds will promote the creation of always on, and ozone pollution levels could rise high enough to be considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. The ozone concentrations in the atmosphere are expected to decline overnight Friday as thunderstorms move end of the state.

Sensitive groups include people with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, along with the elderly, young children and people involved in outdoor activities requiring extended or heavy exertion.

The Pollution Control Agency says ozone is produced on a hot, sunny days by a chemical reaction between volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen produced by internal combustion engines, paints, solvents and other sources. Even persons who are otherwise healthy may experience health effects when ozone levels increase.

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