Dick Zeitler returned from a vacation designed for car nuts just hours before he showed up at the KROC-AM Studios Monday morning for his Auto-Tech 101 show.

Zeitler, who joins Andy Brownell on Rochester Today every other month to share his automotive expertise, traveled to Indiana with fellow members of his car club to visit numerous car-related and museums and other venues. In between taking calls from listeners with questions about their cars, Zeitler shared some of the more interesting tidbits about his travels and the priceless pieces of automotive history he was able to view.

That included a fully restored General Motors Futurliner. Perhaps a dozen of the bus-like trucks were built in the early 1950's and toured the United States. They were often featured in parades and fairs, where visitors could examine the futuristic-looking vehicle and displays.

One of the Futurliners was recently featured on a cable television show as it underwent a complete restoration and another was sold for over $4 million 2 years ago at the celebrated Barrett-Jackson car auction in Arizona.

The photos in the slideshow included in this post were taken by Dick during his mini-vacation.