This election season, we want to help you make an educated choice on who to vote for. Below you can learn more about the Minnesota U.S. Senator candidates - learn more about all candidates running for office this season at your 2018 Rochester Election Headquarters.

United States Senator (Term ending Jan. 3, 2025) (Primary and General)

Paula M Overby - Minnesota Green Party

Dennis Schuller - Legal Marijuana Now (Awaiting Response)

Merrill Anderson - Republican

Rae Hart Anderson - Republican (Awaiting Response)

Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente - Republican (Awaiting Response)

Jim Newberger - Republican (Awaiting Response)

Steve Carlson - Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Stephen A. Emery - Democratic-Farmer-Labor

David Robert Groves - Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Amy Klobuchar - Democratic-Farmer-Labor (Awaiting Response)

Leonard J. Richards - Democratic-Farmer-Labor (Awaiting Response)

United States Senator - Special Election (Term ending Jan. 3, 2021) (Primary and General)

Jerry Trooien - Unaffiliated (Awaiting Response)

Sarah Wellington - Legal Marijuana Now (Awaiting Response)

Bob Anderson - Republican

Nikolay Bey - Republican

Karin Housley - Republican (Awaiting Response)

Ali Chehem Ali - Democratic-Farmer-Labor (Awaiting Response)

Gregg A. Iverson - Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Nick Leonard - Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Richard W. Painter - Democratic-Farmer-Labor

Christopher Lovell Seymore Sr. - Democratic-Farmer-Labor (Awaiting Response)

Tina Smith - Democratic-Farmer-Labor